This cake was inspired by and made for a close friend of mine.

Jenny is one of the girls I studied with in South Korea, and after several weeks of vaguely being acquaintances, we not only became fast friends one day, but we discovered that we had a million things in common--things like working at the same part time job the same summer a few years back, our parents living one neighborhood over from each other, and going to neighboring universities (not to mention our love for travel and every kind of Korean food).

We both made our way back to Minnesota after our semester abroad, but she left only days later for a January term in Hawaii, and then had plans to leave just weeks after that to return to South Korea as I headed off to France. To belatedly celebrate her birthday, her return from Hawaii, and any other occasion we might miss in the upcoming year apart, I told her I would make a cake in her honor.

Now, for adventurous as Jenny clearly is, and as up for anything as she is, she also has a few strict guidelines where food is concerned--and the dessert boundaries continue to baffle me to this day.

Jenny wholeheartedly believes that fruit of any kind has no place in the 'dessert' category, and outright refuses to eat fruit flavored desserts most of the time (and let me tell you, this was made even more complicated by another mutual friend of ours who outright refuses to eat chocolate. When you remove all fruits and all kinds of chocolate, what flavors are even left?!)

So as I contemplated all of the fun varieties of desserts that could be made without using fruits, but without going into chocolate overload, I ended up with this creation: Caramel Cinnamon Macaron Layer Cake.

Hot Milk Cake layers are surrounded by a Caramel Buttercream, topped with Salted Caramel Drizzle, and decorated with Cinnamon Caramel Macarons. Absolute perfection.


  • Tools: Nikon D5300

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