The credit for these little creations goes to my friend Emi.

Emi, from day one, has taken it upon herself to not only be my friend, personal cheerleader and mentor, but also my personal marketing expert. I don't think a week goes by where she doesn't advertise my baking adventures to her coworkers, friends and family, and on more than one occasion she has found someone who would like to commission some kind of pastry.

Last year, Emi showed my snapchats of pastries to one of her coworkers so often, that her coworker broke down and decided she just had to try one of my creations--just in time for her family to be coming into town the following week. She contacted me, asking if I could make her a couple dozen macarons, and after discussing her ideal flavors, we came up with a plan.

The only problem? I am used to experimenting for myself and close friends who know my penchant for the bizarre. And my client had asked me for 'chocolate' and 'raspberry' macarons.

Desperate to please my client but also work to my full potential and creativity, I finally decided what to make. For the chocolate macaron, I made a chocolate shell with a whipped milk chocolate buttercream, drizzled with just enough white chocolate to add some color contrast and help the chocolate shavings stick. And for the Raspberry Macaron, I made a raspberry shell filled with a raspberry jam and a raspberry buttercream, flavored with freeze-dried raspberries for extra color and intense flavor.

These macarons are the perfect example of how with communication and creativity, I can help bridge my vision of pastry to my clients' desired outcomes. Don't know exactly what you want? No problem! I have enough ideas to help you narrow down your thoughts, or I can surprise you with something new!

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