As much as I love a dessert that keeps me fine tuning in the kitchen for four days in a row, there is something to be said for the desserts that manage to be tasty, beautiful AND simple to throw together.

I made this for the first time at my pastry school, and when I showed up to class this day my chef, Vincent Catala, up and surprised us all by saying that I was to be in charge for the day. I had to act as the chef and organize the rest of the students into one team to start-to-finish create this dessert that we had never made before--all we had were the recipes, and no guidance on organization, shape, decoration, etc. Needless to say, the day was a success and I have tucked away this recipe for days when I want to impress a friend but don't have the time to sit and make 70 gum paste roses. (And trust me, I have spent hours on end making 70 roses for one single 6" cake before!)

Though the citrus supremes could be changed out quite simply for other fruits or even other flavors entirely, I adore the combination of the almond cream and the acidic fruit. Though there is definitely a feeling of indulgence and sweetness from the sanded dough, almond cream and pastry cream, the fresh citrus somehow makes it feel acceptable to have that second slice!

  • Tools: Nikon D5300

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