What started out as a way to creatively utilize extra ingredients turned into an unexpectedly lovely and delicious cake.

There are typically a few cake rounds sitting in my freezer as excess from a previous recipe, and one day when I was making some coconut entremets, I ended up with more mousse than I had molds to fill. Scampering to not let it go to waste before it fully set up in its mixing bowl, I cut one of my cakes into layers, soaked them with a bit of simple syrup, folded some chopped aloe into the mousse, and made a little cake out of it all.

After letting that firm up in the freezer, I whipped up a simple buttercream using some freeze-dried mango as both flavoring and coloring, and spread it around the sides and over the top.

One of the features I love about this cake is how it looks like a typical American layer cake from the outside, and even when you cut into it, but when people take their first bites they realize that the flavors and textures are much more complex than that.

This lovely little leftover creation was used for a luncheon in my parents new home in the dead of winter in Minnesota. The bright exterior and exotic combination of flavors helped bring a little ray of sunshine to the moment and into the hearts of all the guests.

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