This little choux creation, or Gourmandises Constellation, was inspired by Pierre Hermes' "Pierre Hermes et Moi" cookbook.

Funny story, actually. I purchased this book while I was in South Korea--so my edition is written entirely in Korean. Now, my Korean level is decent, but when I returned home and wanted to dive in to actually making some of the recipes, I realized that the book was translated from French to Korean... and at the time I didn't speak any French or understand baking concepts from the French point of view. Needless to say I heavily relied on the cartoon images (holding up my bowl of choux batter next to the book and attempting to understand if I had reached the right consistency or not) and my computer (with which I often carried out a Korean-French-English translation to check specific meanings).

Despite the language (and even cultural) struggle, the dessert, as you can see, turned out incredibly. When you bite in, you get the perfect amount of crunch and your mouth immediately fills with elements of cream, sweetness and bursts of freshness.

I recommend both the book and the recipe--though perhaps go for the recipe written in your mother tongue 😛

  • Tools: Nikon D5300

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