The last day of my pastry program in France included a cocktail hour, complete with sweet and savory treats made by all of the students.

About one month before the event, we were told to choose a partner and had to start planning our dish. It had to be 50g, result in 25-30 pieces, and utilize the techniques we had learned throughout our course.

I paired up with Chen, a Taiwanese boy in my class, and we decided to go all out and create something both delicious and challenging. Though it was quite the process--with meetings after class, surrounded by cookbooks and sketches, trying to communicate as best we could in Franglish--this little grapefruit saffron mignardise is what we ended up with.

The ball was formed by two different creams--saffron and grapefruit--with a grapefruit confit insert, fused together and coated in a grapefruit glaze, sitting atop a grapefruit almond sanded dough, surrounded with chocolate decoration and topped with edible flowers.

We had two class periods to realize the dessert, and let me tell you--after the first class period was over I was a complete ball of stress, and was positive that we would never be able to finish the dessert. Most of the other students were creating dishes inside little jars or atop spoons, so they were able to easily layer and build their desserts. However, with our dessert, if something went wrong, it would have gone really wrong, and would have been more of a little puddle of sugar than a mignardise!

I am also not a huge fan of saffron, but let me tell you--with the grapefruit and sweetness of the dessert, it was a perfect pairing!

  • Tools: Nikon D5300

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