I recently had the opportunity to be featured in an article through St. Kate's, and as a result had a lovely photoshoot in my home kitchen with Marketing & Communications and Rebecca of By Rebecca Studios. The idea was to capture me in my element, so the photoshoot was to include everything from me measuring ingredients to finishing up a product and sharing it with a friend. Considering our 2-3 hour window, that was a lot to ask!

In the end, I prepared large Raspberry Matcha Macarons (find the recipe here!) in advance, as well as a Black Sesame Fraisier, and focused on something simpler to create in front of the camera. I ended up creating this Lemon Lavender Cake as I love layer cakes, love twists on classic flavors, and wanted to have something in St. Kate's colors.

It. Was. Delicious.

So delicious, that I brought the entire cake to the Marketing & Communications office the following day, and was told it disappeared within minutes.

I had been concerned that the fairly strong lavender flavor from the buttercream would potentially off-putting to pickier or more skeptical eaters, but it seems like it was enjoyed across the board!

I used a Hot Milk Cake infused with lemon zest as my base, and then frosted the cake with a Lavender Vanilla Bean Italian Meringue Buttercream.

...And then of course I created an ombre effect, multiple tips for piping...and then sprayed down the whole cake with silver glitter spray. Because, why ever not?

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