Have you noticed my love affair with Matcha?

If I had to choose one flavor of dessert to consume for the rest of my life, I think I would have no regrets choosing Matcha.

And while I am that annoying, horrible person who says things like "well, you really can't find the same quality of matcha outside of Japan" and "this is fine, but the matcha blah blah blah that I ate in Kyoto was way better," I also will never turn down even a 'low-quality' version. Tea is tea--and even bad tea is still, in the end, tea (and therefore, amazing).

I digress.

One day I decided to make the most extreme matcha cake possible, and created an ombre matcha buttercream frosting, matcha meringues, and matcha white hot chocolate to round out the tea-overload. And it was beautiful to look at, beautiful to eat, and a true pleasure to share.

There is no artificial coloring in this cake--the green pigment you see comes entirely from varying levels of matcha powder. This style of cake can be replicated using different flavors, but depending on the featured ingredient, it may be necessary to add in some food coloring or alternate pigment in order to maintain an ombre effect.

  • Tools: Nikon D5300

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