Entremets weren't really on my radar until April 2016 when I first started pastry school in France. I had vaguely heard of them, and even thought I attempted making one once...but it wasn't a concept known to me in the US.

Now, they are constantly vying for my attention and are something I consider as one of my favorite things to make. However, making entremets in a school or professional kitchen where there is a huge blast freezer as well as every tool a person could possibly need and making entremets in my own kitchen where I have to wait several hours for my normal freezer to actually freeze my desserts requires a whole other level of organization in order for everything to go smoothly.

This entremets--using tonka and speculoos--was a way for me to start trying out some new ideas and acquainting myself with how to proceed in my own kitchen. The speculoos comes through in the mousse, which I made with a cream infused with actual speculoos cookies, and the tonka is present in the ganache to add depth of flavor.

As much as I loved sharing this with friends and family and seeing the delight on their faces as they bit in, I loved how puzzled they all were as they tried to no end to guess the 'secret' ingredients!

Have you ever eaten or made a cake or entremets that used both speculoos and tonka before?

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